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Camp Randall

"An A - to - Z Guide to Camp Randall'' by Andy Bitter

Take a look at Camp Randall and the latest vote on college cathedrals taken by MSNBC. 
While its no surprise that it made the top 10 list, I'm disappointed that it wasn't #1!

A - hole: The most versatile of chants you'll hear in the stadium. It's applicable to the opposing team, the referee when he makes a poor call or your friends if they really start getting on your nerves in the middle of a game.

 Your beloved mascot. Protect him by always cheering for the little Badger no matter what he does. Take offense to any unwarranted attacks by opposing male cheerleaders (especially from Michigan State)

 It's really quite simple. Applaud normally when the Badgers come out and use the sarcastic alligator clap when their opponents come out. This will surely make them feel unwelcome.

Defending Rose Bowl champs: 
Two-time defending Rose Bowl champs, actually. You should at least know a little bit of history about your football team, especially since it's one of the best programs in the country.

Exclamation point:
 When cheerleaders hold up individual letters for the fans to spell out B-A-D-G-E-R-S, the final card held up is an ''!'' so naturally you will yell ''exclamation point''.

Fifth Quarter: 
An extra treat given by the UW band following the game. Naturally, it got its name because it follows the fourth quarter of the game; it's worth it to stick around and sing and dance.

Goal-line stands: 
Whenever the teams come out of a timeout and the Badger defense is looking at a goal-line stand, the song '' Crazy Train'' by Ozzy Osbourne will be played. Enjoy it for what it's worth, and make some noise to help out the defense.

 Get used to them. A few of the morning games start at 11:00 a.m., so take a couple of aspirin before heading out.

I'm an a--hole
, I'm an a--hole, I'm an a-hole yes I know. But I'd rather be an a-hole than to sit in section O. An invaluable cheer for anybody in sections L,M,N, or P.

Jump Around: 
That memorable House of Pain anthem that will play at the end of the third quarter. People get a little nuts, just ask any UW fan who attended the Purdue-Wisconsin game in 1998.

You should take these out of your pocket and jingle them as either team prepares to kickoff. Hey, I don't make the rules.

Leg fatigue:
 It's an unpopular tradition that the student section stands during the entire game except for the halftime show. So get those legs into football shape by the time you get on campus.

Marching Band:
 One of the best parts of a game at Camp Randall, although the band seems to do a salute to Motown nearly every week. Maybe it's just me.

Night games:
 These games are loaded with fun. People get a little nuts; just ask any UW fan who attended Purdue-Wisconsin in 1998.

 As in Section. For all this section gets ridiculed, it's still the place to be, for reasons that are beyond me.

People don't sit in their proper seats:
 Generally, about 80 to 90 people will cram into a 50-person row. The security guards usually ask about two people to leave, thinking that will alleviate the problem, so get used to it.

Quite offensive cheers: 
I'm going on record to say that I do not approve of the ''Shoot him like a horse!'' cheer when an opposing player gets injured. Nevertheless, mob mentality usually rules.

Roll out the barrel:
 The best of the fifth quarter songs. Who can argue with a song that has lyrics like ''Zing, boom, tararrel''?

Safety cheer: 
Done by holding your hands above your head to indicate a safety and clapping. Caution: Do not begin this cheer if the opposing team is outside its own five-yard line. It will be ineffective.

The Terminator: 
The nickname my friends and I gave to the guy who patrols the last row of the stadium. It is empty for safety reasons, but if you put so much as a foot on that last row, there will be hell to pay. He punched my friend in the face.

Unpredictable weather: 
I've experienced 90 degree days in August and frozen rain in November. Dress accordingly.

The time-honored tradition of Wisconsin. After the half, everyone will stand and in one of big warm-and-fuzzy session, put their arms on each other's shoulders and sing this song while rocking back and forth. You have no choice. You must do it.

As in the cheer. It starts in section P and goes counter-clockwise. Once it makes its way around, do a slow motion wave. After that is the quick wave, followed by a reverse wave. And last comes the split, which sends the wave in both directions. I'm not sure what happens after that. I've never seen it get that far.

X-changing vouchers: 
Do it early, so you're not sitting in the last few rows, especially when the Badgers play a good team.

You'd better hold it:
 Camp Randall was built in 1917, and the bathrooms, it seems, have not been renovated since it first opened. Trust me. Don't go there.

 You won't get a lot of them. Drinking, er, tailgating usually starts as early as possible, so make sure to go to bed early Friday night. OK, maybe not.