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Greater Bucky Open 1997 - The Beginning
GBO was founded by former Bucky mascot, Derek Hildebrandt. After moving out to California after graduating from the UW in 1993, Derek concluded that hosting an annual golf outing, he could visit family and friends, enjoy a UW football game, golf the Ridge and raise money to support the Bucky mascots and later the UW Children's Hospital.
This first tourney consisted of 12 hackers and was stroke play. Tim Corcoran won the medallist title with an 83*, although the * denotes the alleged use of a couple foot wedges. Jon Horsfall came away with the triple crown: shortest drive - 50 yards, worst shot of the day - hit a player in the group behind him, and highest score - 118.

Bucky Badger with the winner of the first GBO, Tim Corcoran
Bucky's mom baked brownies and we all ended up at the Union Terrace as the festivities continued well into the night.

Bucky's mom and a little Badger