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Greater Bucky Open - October 8, 2000
Once again, the GBO was an event to remember in 2000. This years MVP was Old Man Winter who decided to bring only 38 of his Fahrenheit friends to the UW Ridge. Nothing like a little frost on the fairways and ice on the greens to get you in the mood for a day of golf!
Check out the weather table above
October 8th was the coldest day
in a two week period!

Another aberration besides the weather this year was the winning team, which consisted of Mike Blang, Nate Wilke, Mike Vilstrup, and Bill Young. The self proclaimed "12 Under Wonders" went home with the newly introduced hardware, the Bucky Bowl trophy, by shooting a new GBO tourney record of 60! That's amazing considering that they had Nate on the team, however, he does have a history of cold weather and golf as he is used to having a lot of Snowmans (8s) appear on his scorecard! Congratulations.

Pictured on the right is the new Bucky Bowl trophy that is passed on each year from winning team to winning team along with having their names engraved on the side as GBO champions.

GBO Scores

Winning Team
Mike Vilstrup 60 (-12 under) 
Mike Blang 
Nate Wilke 
Bill Young

Jeff Loomans 64 
Scott Fronek 
Todd Fronek 
Andrew Fronek

Chad Gilding 65 
Chad Forrest 
Jon Allen 
Khris Barber
Phil DeVillers 66 
Matt Grove 
Craig Endries 
Alex Dittrich
Fred DeVillers 67 
Al DeVillers 
Chris Kelly 
Rick Weske
Derek Hildebrandt 68 
Jeff Wulf 
Dean Nolden 
Chris Heyer
Dave Mosher 69 
Bob Thorpe 
Tim Corcoran 
Larry Horsfall
Roy Elkins 72 
Dan DeRubeis 
Joe Hildebrandt 
Al Toon
Brendan McArthur 72 
Tony Mariniello 
Conrad Nussbaum 
Rob McRitchie
Coming in second was the formidable team of Dr. Loomans and the Fronek brothers. I haven't seen such an impressive performance by 3 brothers since the McKensie tripletts dominated on the ice rink in the movie Slapshot! Third place went to a Waunakee 3 some of Chad Gilding, Khris Barber, and Jon Allen along with a red-headed California and UCLA alumni, Chad Forrest. It was nice of Mr. Forrest to attend this years outing seeing though his Bruins have been beaten by the Badgers twice in two recent Rose Bowls.
Barber Longest Drive #9

DeVillers, Weske, DeVillers
In a respectable 4th place shooting a 66 was the Sussex bred group of Phil DeVillers, Matt Grove, Craig Endries, and Alex Dittrich. Thanks to NYC Phil for flying in for this event and sponsoring the great GBO t-shirts that were passed out to all. Rounding out the top 5 with a 67 was another mostly Sussex bred group of Fred DeVillers, Al DeVillers, Rick Weske, and NYC Chris Kelly.
This was Chris Kelly's second trip in from the Big Apple for the GBO and apparently he hit the driving range since last years outing as his team actually took advantage of some of his shots. Now I'm not saying that we were hosed coming in 6th place, but Team Hildebrandt...Jeff Wulf, Dean Nolden, Chris Heyer, and myself are already planning redemption for 2001. I can say with confidence that Chris Heyer has funniest golf story of the GBO 2001.

NYC & LA Hackers

Bob, Tim & Dave
While 7 is supposedly a lucky number, its not that impressive when there are only 9 teams, however, 2 time GBO Champ Tim Corcoran, Larry Horsfall, Bob Thorpe, and Dave Mosher managed to finish with the biggest smiles on their faces...must have been Bob's homemade Bloody Marys, which by the way is the official beverage of the GBO!
Batting 8th was Joe Hildebrandt, Al Toon, Roy Elkins, and Dan DeRubeis who managed to squeek in with an even round of 72. Rounding out the event were the four California Clowns, Tony Mariniello, Rob McRitchie, Conrad Nussbaum and Brendan McArthur who of course blamed it on the cold weather and pressure from the 12 Under Wonders who were shooting the lights out behind them. If they are fortunate enough to make it back out to the Midwest again, I promised a Badger football victory and some warmer weather.

Joe, Bob & Al
Other winners include:
Long Drive #9 
Khris Barber
Long Drive #13 
Tim Corcoran
Closest to the Pin: #12 
Tim Ciotti
Worst Shot of the Day: Bob Thorpe
Most Beers Consumed: 10 
Chad Gilding
Honorable Mention Worst Shot of the Day:
Chris Heyer

Roy winner of 
Longest Putt #18

Long Drive #9 - Khris Barber...he allegedly beat my drive by 2 feet

Long Drive #12 - Tim Corcoran...2 time GBO champion still takes home hardware

Long Putt #18 - Roy Elkins...rumor has it he has a putter like Rodney Daingerfield in Caddyshack.

Closest to the Pin #12 - Mike Vilstrup...I think he got in a quick nine before the tourney and loosened up.

Worst Shot of the Day - Bob Thorpe...what is quickly becoming a staple for worst shot of the day, Bob defied physics and put a drive 40 yards behind him.

Most Beers Consumed - Chad Gilding 10, I'd drink that much if I had to golf with Barber as well.

There's a reason Chad's Smiling
"Most Beers Consumed"

Fred & his award winning dinasour hat
Funkiest Hat/Outfit - Fred DeVillers dawned a Dinosaur hat that took top honors.
Thank you to all who participated in and contributed to the GBO 2000, including our sponsors/vendors/donators: Venture Capital Management-Joe Hildebrandt, Tom Arnot, Tiffany Wilke, Valerie Wulf; Hilltop Entertainment; Another TV Discovery-Barry Falck; Capital Bank-David Phillips; JT Whitneys-David Bookstaff, Lisa Bagley Web Design, Datanet Outsource-Sasson Sarooei, Arrowhead Trophies-Linda Howes, Lion Apparel-Jim Fitzpatrick, Khris Barber, Jacquie Vilstrup, Lauren Cohen, Roy Elkins and Phil DeVillers. 100% of the proceeds went directly to the Bucky Fund so thank you for your support! Our contributions were greatly appreciated by the University and the Buckys.

More Photos from the Weekend's Events

Pre-Game Waffles

Ridge Clubhouse

Derek & Clark Kent

Derek & Bucky

Al Toon

Bucky giving out some paw

Bucky with trophy

Bucky & New Bucky Bowl Trophy!


The group staying warm indoors

Ask Heyer about his award winning Golf story

A happy baby JJ

A scared baby JJ

Derek & Bucky

Nate, Bucky, Mike & Jacquie

Pre-Football at Jingles!

"I swear I only had one beer"

Gulp, gulp, gulp, splash, gulp

My friend the boot!