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Greater Bucky Open September 26, 2004
Thanks to all for making the GBO 2004 a wonderful success! Our little 8 year old GBO is slowing becoming a mature event and is beginning to attract big time sponsors, a sell out crowd of entertaining golfers, great prizes, fun stories, and best of all; we are really making a difference for the UW Children's Hospital and Bucky Badger student mascots. We donated $10,000 this year, up from $5000 last year, which continues our trend of doubling our annual donation for the last 4 consecutive years. I guess that makes 2005's goal $20k. D'Oh! (We will do it.) Thanks again to our generous sponsors…please support them so they continue to support us!
On Friday we had a great visit to the UWCH with our annual toy donation trip with Bucky, the football players, local press, and GBO staff. The smiles on these kids faces are truly priceless and parents and patients really do appreciate the gifts people donate…special thanks to Bill Sinacore from LeapFrog and Jill Woods from Disney for making significant toy contributions once again.
In the spirit of working hard AND playing hard, Friday night we continued the GBO weekend with our annual trip to the Essen Haus for a little polka dancing, a few boots of beer and plenty of bratwursts.
Saturday's UW football game was a thing of beauty…the newly renovated Camp Randall is awesome, the weather was perfect and the Badger football squad put on a good show by thumping Penn State. Thanks to the Stadium Bar for providing pre & post game GBO designated areas for us to celebrate…check out our new GBO banner thanks to Signature Graphics!
Sunday's GBO was so much fun! Bergstrom donated an H2 Hummer giveaway for a hole in one prize…unfortunately none of us sank it but it was definitely fun trying.
All 6 of the current Buckys were in attendance, the UW tuba section walked the course, there were great prizes and raffle items, and an entertaining group of GBO gophers.
Congratulations to this year's winning foursome of Nick McDonough, Guy Holmes, Rob Peters and Dirk Todd who shot an impressive 14 under. They now have their names inscribed on the GBO BUCKY BOWL traveling trophy for them to enjoy this year.
This year we started a Super Sponsor traveling trophy going to the biggest cash contributor of the GBO and this year's recipient was Racine Danish Kringle…not sure if you ever tasted their kringle but it is dangerously addicting. Thanks again to all sponsors!

Bucky with new UWCH plans


Derek, UWCH Mary & Tom

Thanks LeapFrog

GBO Press

GBO toys

Playing Santa

Big men in a little jersy

Madison skyline

CA Crew

Derek and Old Friends

DU Crew

UW thumps PSU

Derek & New Banner

Elvis, Derek, Evil


Red Bull gives you wings

Texas Jeff & Valerie

Evil love

Beautiful day at the Ridge

Welcome to the GBO

Visiting Sponsors…thanks PD!

Current Buckys

CA Foursome…disaster

GBO Super Spokeskid Kramer Endres

He lives!

DU crew

DU crew and friends

Not bad form for an Elvis

Evil Evil foursome

Endres foursome…great photo!

And they're off…

Jello fun

JJ & Sabs

Texas Jeff, GBO Derek, 
All Pro Al, Golf Pro Mike

Lucky Bucky

Jackson, Joe Hildebrandt, 
Terry Muraski, GBO Ringer

Tubas standing

Tubas marching

Tubas wondering where to go next

Tubas on way out…

Racine Danish Kringle

Experienced GBO fans

GBO helpers

Sat Night Fever

Lucky Bucky again

Longest Drive

Longest Putt

Raffle Winner

Closest to the Cow

Tied for Best Costume

Worst Shot of the Day

Shortest Drive

GBO Winning Foursome

That banner gets around

GBO Sponsor Marshall Erdman

We look nice and we'll take your $$

GBO Scoreboard


Raffle helpers

Linda @ 
Arrowhead Trophies

A soon to be Xmas Wilke 
Card photo