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Greater Bucky Open - September 23, 2007
Awesome weekend…beautiful weather, awesome visit to the children's hospital, a Badger football victory over Iowa and another entertaining and successful golf outing!
9/21/07 visit to AMCH
5 HUGE carts full of toys and goodies for the AFCH patients this year…this annual visit is just plain awesome. The big eyes, happy smiles and sense of distraction we provide to the children and families are truly humbling.
Making the tour this year with the GBO Staff was Bucky Badger, Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmidt and wife Donna, Madison Police Department - Joel DeSpain, AFCH's Tom Young - Mary Kamenski - Jennifer Hubbard, AFCH patients Kramer Endres and Manny Wilke, plus 6 UW football players: Ken eBauche, Ben Strickland, Steve Johnson, Patrick Butrym, Paul Standring and Mike Preisler.
Big thanks to GBO'er Bill Sinacore for his annual generous toy donations. Plus more wonderful toys from the Green Bay Packers, Madison Police Department, Wisconsin Crafts and the beautiful Pat O'Shea.

GBO Crew with donated Toys!

Green Bay Mayor Schmidt & wife Donna

Craig & Kramer Endres

Channel 15 captured our GBO visit
We had lots of very special moments during the visit… everyone was very appreciative and one AFCH patient really hit home…we piled in this kids room, gave him some GBO donated gifts, took a few photos, and shared a laugh with him and his family. After we all cleared out of the room, I poked my head back in to leave a GBO flyer and the kid had tears of joy in his eyes and said thank you.
9/22/07 UW Football vs Iowa Night game
Not much needs to be said or shown about a Badger football game at night other than to note good times were had and Wisconsin took care of Iowa as we had hoped. Thanks to Madison's Sports Radio 100.5 for giving us some passes to their special tailgate before the game. As usual, a big crew of us spent a lot of time at the GBO sponsor, Stadium Bar.
9/23/07 11th Annual GBO
Yes, 8am came pretty early after a night football game but everyone was in good spirits. Thanks to Wick McLaren & Fontaine Insurance the day started with a chance to win $5,000 on a 50 foot putt…it was missed but not by much.
Also a special bonus was from Racine Danish Kringle as they left some kringle on each golf cart for some breakfast…they really do taste spectacular! After putting and eating, GBO friend and sponsor Al Toon read our official golfing rules of the day.
Thanks to Kate Dale and Madison's Sports Radio for broadcasting live at the GBO with hosts Craig Karmazin & Mark Chmura!
Super Sponsor Plaques: AT&T, Friends of Manny Wilke
GBO 2008 Champions including traveling trophy: minus 18
Nathan Schiele, Benji Dehn, Brad Wegner, Tyler Sachse
First Place*: minus 18: Craig Endres, Jeff Loomans, Jeff Maly, Brian Hopfensperger
First Place**: Debi Offerdahl, Liz Orella
Trophy Winners
#3 Closest to the Cow: Mary Burling…thanks to Fields Auto for Land Rover hole in one prize…Mary was 12" away from driving of in it
#6 Shortest Drive: Paul Cardis, probably his partners fault
#9 Longest Drive: Brian Hopfensperger
#12 Best Heckle of the Day: Jay Schweiger…reported barrage of insults 
#15 Longest Putt: Todd Moro
#17 Closest to the Cow: Joel Fraunfelder
#18 Longest Drive: Nathan Schiele…huge drive, cut the corner way up the hill
Worst shot: Craig Drugge - broke driver and head went farther than ball
Best Golf Story: Bill Peel - eagle chip in from 50 yards
Huge thanks to all of our sponsors!
RED & WHITE Sponsor AT&T was our Super Sponsor recipient again this year. Thanks Suzi, Mary & team!

AT&T Super Sponsors!

Super Sponsor Award
Friends of Manny also received a special Super Sponsor plaque as they raised over $2500! Love little Manny…and yes, Eli…JJ & Sabs too!
Manny got a well deserved standing ovation!

Dennis Hall & friends

Bucky & Volunteers

Bucky & Friends

Beautiful day at the Ridge

Favorite Former Champ Rick & Tiffany

Bucky Mom & Friends

1 dude, 3 pretty girls…nice work JJ!

Awesome auction items

Steve Stricker autographed driver!

Wisconsin Buddies

Post golf Packer watching

Fun Prizes!