Kramer Endres

Kramer is one of our favorite annual attendees at the GBO. His spirit & smile are truly inspirational and see below for his story/history with the UW Children's Hospital.

Letter from Kramer:
Hi my name is Kramer Endres I am 12 years old. I'm pretty familiar with the UW Children's Hospital, because have had 13 surgeries there. One of the reasons why I have had so many surgeries is because I was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP for short). It is where your muscles get tight and it can be hard to some things like walk and straighten your arms and legs. Seven of the surgeries that I have had done have been to make the mobility in my arms and legs to be better.

The first two surgeries to help me with CP were done by Dr. Berman Iskandar in 1998 and 2001 for a pump that would be placed in my belly and would release medicine in my spine to make my muscles looser.

Dr. Kenneth Noonan did my next surgery in 2005 to help my legs. What they all did was rotate out my femurs and put in a metal plate to hold it, they reattached the tendons of some muscles, put in staples in my knees to straiten them, and put pins in my ankles so that they wouldn't rotate in. This was by far the biggest surgery and it took a total of 9 months to fully recover. The next surgery was also done by Dr. Kenneth Noonan in 2006 to remove the staples in my knees that I mentioned in the previous surgery.

My next surgery was done by Dr. Leland Albright in 2007 for another pump surgery like the ones I had in 1998 and 2001 and He also did three other surgeries in 2007 to fix a spinal fluid leak in my back.
We would have never met any of these doctors if it wasn't for Dr. Deb McLeish because she recommended these doctors for us. The UW Children's Hospital is a great hospital. It has a lot of activities and fun things to do for you and your family. I am really exited for the new children's hospital because it is suppose to be even better, also I would like to thank the Greater Bucky Open for all of support to the Children's Hospital.

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