The American Family Children's Hospital opened in August 2008. With our initial $50,000 commitment, we established a permanently recognized Greater Bucky Open Family Lounge located in the Hematology/Oncology unit.

This amazing room includes computers, a nice big TV, coffee maker, drink machine and a few couches for patients and their families to hang out in.

We are also helping fund the invaluable AFCH family food program which provides meals & snacks for families allowing them to stay with their child during their say.

See below testimonial:

Mr. Hildebrandt,

I have attached a couple pictures of Gage, I wasn't sure what to choose, since I have hundreds of photos of him. These two are some favorites though. If you want to just choose the one of him, that is fine also. He was always a happy smiling little guy. I read the story about Gage, makes me miss the hospital and all of the wonderful memories we made there. We loved the family meal program, always looked forward to it, knowing that was one less meal we had to worry about for our daughter and us, as we never liked leaving Gage's room for long. The family lounge came in very handy when we had family visit, and especially those last few days with Gage, we had family camped out everywhere for days. I more than appreciate what you have been doing, and just know that every family on the 4th floor appreciates it also!!

Thank you
Jamie Appleton

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